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High-tech castings for a high-performance product

Omex throttle bodies and manifolds are cast aluminium alloy. Molten aluminium is alloyed with precisely controlled levels of other metals to produce a material perfect for engine components. Spectrum analysis of the molten alloy before pouring ensures every batch of material is identical to the one before it. After casting, the components undergo full heat treatment to complete the mechanical properties of the cast material to the specifications demanded by our engineers.

Omex’s investment in the casting process gives minimal material wastage and reduced machining time compared to billet machining, allowing more complex shapes and so a lighter end product at lower cost to you.

The aluminium alloy used has excellent corrosion resistance, but for extra protection against the harsh environment of an engine bay, all cast components are blasted and powder coated to give a high quality sealed exterior finish.

We know that accuracy and consistency lead to greater performance so the cast bodies are CNC machined and then every bore individually measured by a CMM (computer Coordinate Measuring Machine) to an accuracy of 1micron to ensure our tolerance standards are upheld.

After assembly, each throttle body is tested for what finally counts when you fit it to your engine - equal flow on all throttles to give the best emissions and great driveability.

High pressure extrusion to hold high pressure fuel.

Each fuel rail starts its life as an aluminium extrusion, custom designed by Omex exactly for this job. CNC machining completes the fuel rail to fit the different bore centres of different engines.

For protection of this part we chose a fine coating of a type of PTFE which is incredibly hard, has non-stick properties to resist water, oil and dirt spray, and is thin enough to still show the exquisitely detailed machining.

Linking you and your engine.

The cable linkage is what connects you to your engine, so it should be precisely engineered to give you the best control. CNC machined billet aluminium parts are PTFE coated to give a non-stick hard wearing surface for the cable to run through, and the same coating is applied to the laser cut bracket to provide extreme corrosion resistance.


The airhorn shape is made by “spinning“; cold forming a disk of aluminium to conform to the shape of a former tool. Every airhorn size has its own purpose designed former. This spinning process inherently gives a smooth, polished finished with no extra work required.

To hold the airhorn shape to the throttle bodies, a flange is CNC machined from billet aluminium and bonded to the airhorn using specially selected adhesive. This is no normal glue; this high performance adhesive bond has proved in destruction testing to be stronger than the aluminium airhorn itself.

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