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Add strength where it’s needed.

Add lightness where it’s not.

Lightweight, strong and accurate is the perfect motorsport design. To ensure the throttle plates have a perfect interface with the bore of the throttle body, the throttle body wall thickness is increased in this area. Greater wall thickness gives a more stable base when machining so improves tolerances and gives more consistent throttle body manufacture. Towards the atmosphere end of the bodies this exacting precision is no longer required, so the wall is thinned to reduce weight. Maximising performance and minimising weight.

Linkage fitting choices.

Because every engine bay is different.

The side-pull throttle cable linkage can be fitted in 4 different positions to allow you clearance for other parts of the engine such as alternators. Just 2 fasteners remove and refit the linkage in any of these 4 positions so you can leave this decision until you have the throttle bodies mounted on the engine.  

Sensor reliability from basic engineering design principals.

The commonly used throttle position sensor ‘D’ drive requires the sensor to be absolute centred on the spindle else the tight interference fit will force the centre section of the sensor round through odd angles, causing wear and early failure of the sensor. To get round this problem, users upgrade to expensive “contactless” sensors. But that is an expensive and electronically complex way of solving a simple mechanical problem… The Omex sensor is spigot fitted to ensure correct alignment, and uses an ‘I’ drive which does not need a tight fit so the sensor is free to rotate exactly as it is designed to. Two basic pieces of engineering design that together improve reliability at no extra cost. The sensor used by Omex is a standard OE sensor backed-up by hundreds of thousands of units being tested on the road for hundreds of millions of miles.

Easy tool use for better tool use.

Years of fitting throttle bodies has shown us that ease of use gives performance. Why? If you can adjust something easily, you will adjust it properly. The Omex throttle bodies have been designed to allow easy tool access.

Compatible with motorsport standard airfilters.

Do you prefer foam filters? Cotton gauze filters? Mesh on the outside? Metal end plates? You can fit any of them. For compatibility with the huge range of aftermarket DCOE / DHLA carburettor airfilter setups, the Omex throttle bodies have the same bolt flanges as the DCOE carburettor.

Throttle Body

Neat solutions for tidy wiring installation.

Omex’s unique position of being an electronics and wiring harness manufacturer as well as a throttle body manufacturer allows us to sometimes see things from a better overall perspective. We hate seeing wiring harnesses tied to fuel rails, so the Omex throttle bodies allow the unused set of linkage bosses to be used for mounting the wiring harness. This always keeps the wiring away from the moving parts of the linkage too; when the linkage is above the throttle bodies the wiring is underneath, and when the linkage is below the wiring is above. A simple solution that improves the look of the engine bay instantly.


High volume fuel rail.

High flow injectors in high performance engines cause pressure pulsing in the fuel rail. A larger volume of fuel reduces this pulsing, ensuring even fuel flow across all cylinders.

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