The Honda K20 as found in the 2.0 Civic Type R is a complex engine. Honda's iVTEC system gives cam lobe switching and also allows constant control of the inlet cam timing, they use their on particular crank and cam trigger patterns, coil-per-cylinder, and even the gearbox reverse detent needs to be operated by the ECU. All of the these controls are available on the Omex 710 ECU and so this ECU is widely used with this engine.

Honda K20 Supercharged Lotus Exige

The Honda engine has been a popular transplant into the Lotus Elise / Exige range for many years. Over 200bhp from the standard engine makes the Exige a very fast car, but Mark's Exige takes this one step further with the addition of a Rotrex Supercharger.





Honda K24 Ford Escort MkII

Escorts have had very nearly every engine possible put into them as they continue to be one of the most popular chassis in 2WD rallying. Omex dealer Des Moore on his return to competition after a 10 year break wanted to be different whilst still using the Escort chassis and saw great potential in the Honda engine. Nothing was available for this engine so Des set to designing bell housings, sumps, engine mounts etc to enable the installation of this engine, all of which are now available off-the-shelf at