Honda Triumph Acclaim Engined Trials Car

Paul Price uses the Honda / Triumph Acclaim engine in his Sporting Trials Car, campaigned in the BTRDA Championship expert class.

The aim of a trial is to drive as far as you can over a laid out section without stopping. Each section is marked with poles to form a twisty route up a slippery hillside. Sometimes sections will be so slippery and steep that you are unable to walk up them.

To help each driver there is a passenger in the car who moves their weight around to get the best possible traction on each wheel.

The further on a driver gets up a section the lower the score. The driver with the lowest score of the day is the winner.

This form of motorsport has unusual engine requirements in that the engine is used during a trial from stall speeds all the way up to a high rev limiter as different methods are used to gain traction. Paul has found that the ability to map the engine with its real requirements for ignition timing using an Omex Ignition Management System allows effective operation of the engine at all engine speeds and gives considerable improvements over distributor based ignition.

For further information about Sporting Trials, and to keep check on Paul's progress, follow these links;