Ford Zetec E

Omex ECUs are perfectly suited to the Ford Zetec engine. Omex can supply just electronics, individual throttle body kits, supercharger kits, and even complete engines!


Westfield use the Omex 600 ECU as standard fitment for their Zetec 2.0 blacktop engines. Standard fitment is using the standard inlet system, but throttle body upgrades are also available.
Omex Engines

MEV Rocket

MEV use transverse mounted Omex Zetec engine packages in their ‘Rocket’ car.


This Morris is fitted with Omex’s 220bhp supercharged engine and is used for trackdays.

Engine transplant

The Zetec engine is also used as a transplant engine for older vehicles. This Mk1 escort uses a customer sourced 2.0 Blacktop Zetec with the Omex throttle body kit.

RAW Striker

RAW use inline mounted Omex Zetec engines as standard fitment to their ‘Striker’ car.

Omex Engines
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