Saxo VTR

Morris Hayden's Saxo VTR runs the Omex 600 ECU linked to the standard engine by an OMEM1520 Ready-built harness in the 750mc Stock Hatch Championship. Morris was the overall winner of this Championship two years running. All of the standard sensors were used on this engine, but with a change in load sensor from the MAP sensor to the throttle position sensor to gain improved throttle response, and so improved lap times with the right driver!

This Saxo is used in hillclimb events in Greece.

Citroen Saxo / Peugeot 106

Peugeot 106 Turbo

Colin Thorndyke of Atspeeds Racing’s ( 106 is a 1600 16v but turbocharged with a current British Touring Car Championship specification turbocharger and Omex 600 Series ECU to produce 430 bhp at 25psi boost. Watch it in action around Silverstone in the video below.

Peugeot 106 S2 Rallye

This Spoox Motorsport ( prepared 106 Rallye S2 uses the 1.6 16v engine controlled by an Omex 600 ECU. Watch it in action in a competitive sprint at Mallory Park in the video below.