GM 2.0 16v C20xe

Andy Dowler's Westfield is fitted with a standard C20XE engine using the Omex throttle body and ECU kit. The picture is of his car being mapped by Dave at Mek Motorsport (

Andy was pleased with this kit, leaving the following message on our email;

"Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for all your support, my westie started on the Jenvey TB and your Omex 600 ECU for the first time on Saturday. It started first turn of the key too!! Fantastic, I was ecstatic!"

Jorge Araujo’s Fiat Cinquicento is fitted with a C20XE and is controlled by one of our older 500 series ECUs (the forerunner to the 600 series). He uses it in time trials in Portugal, showing incredible car controls requiring perfect throttle response. Watch this incredible video to see him in action.

Paul Harrington’s Vauxhall Astra GSi was the test car for the first Omex C20XE throttle body kit. Paul kindly allowed the use of his car in magazine articles, then successfully competed with it in the British Hillclimb Championship. This video is from his 2003 season.