Ford Duratec I4 2.0 / 2.3

The Ford Duratec engine is becoming increasingly popular for use in race and kitcars due to high specific output possible wih few modifications, and the lightweight construction. Omex have everything on offer for this engine - electronics alone, individual throttle body kits, and even complete engines.

CF2000 Single Seat Racecar

CFR, Chinese Formula Racing, chose Omex as their supplier for Engine Management for their one-make series, CF2000. These purpose built single seat race cars are using Omex 600 ECUs and Omex's ready-built OMEM1519 wiring harness on their 2.0 Duratec I4s. These cars are to be raced at the world-class circuits in China.

Outlaw Hotrod

Andy's Hotrod 1/4mile oval track car runs an Omex throttle body kit on the 2.3 Duratec I4.

Toniq Sportscars CB

Toniq Sportscars use an Omex Duratec engine as standard fitment for their CB model. Visit to learn more about the car.

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