Ford CVH Turbo

The Ford CVH Turbo is found as standard in the Escort and Fiesta RST. The Escort engines were originally mechanical fuel injection, so the first stage for these engines is fitting the electronic fuel injection parts from the later Fiesta which was electronic fuel injection as standard.

Escort RST

Christian’s Escort uses an Omex 710 ECU on its Ford CVH 1600 engine. Originally a mechanical fuel injection car, the engine had to be converted with the use of Fiesta RST parts, to electronic fuel injection. One of the requirements is to add engine speed and position triggering by either fitting the Fiesta flywheel and drilling the block to accept the Fiesta crank position sensor, or fitting the Omex trigger wheel and sensor externally on the crank pulley. The engine has also converted from the original distributor ignition to the DIS coil pack found on the Fiestas and many later Ford engines.

Christian has acheived the title of the Fastest RST in the UK several times with top speeds in excess of 165mph.

Right click | Save Target as... on the picture for a video of this car in action against a modified Mitsubishi EVO at 160mph.  



Fiesta Mk1 Supersport 1.3

Well, sort of! Chris Todd has made some radical changes to his Mk 1 Fiesta, not least of which is putting the engine in the back! Chris' Fiesta RST engine is then turbocharged AND supercharged, all controlled by an Omex 710 ECU. As the supercharger becomes a restriction at high engine speeds, the 710's VTEC output controls a smooth changeover to the turbocharger based on engine speed, load and throttle position. This gives a lag-free engine that makes 12psi of boost from 1000rpm, increasing to 20psi by 4500rpm. Just incase that isn't enough, nitrous can then be used and so an ignition retard is made by he 710 to allow this.

Chris has been using his car as a road car and for run-what-you-brung drag racing. The car was recently timed at 0-60 in 3.6seconds and the 1/4mile in 11.5 @ 121mph, though of course even these figures do not do justice to how quick this car is as they do not show the incredible low speed response from the dual charging.

Click on the link of Chris's car for a video of this car in action at Santa Pod Raceway.