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Shiftlight Sequential

Small remote LED module

Incorporates four incrementally lighting LEDs. Both the final shift point and the increments between LEDs are user definable to suit the driver's needs. With the small shift light unit on a remote lead, only the shift light unit itself needs to be on the dashboard; vital in small single seat race cars with tiny dashboard areas and ideal for a hidden ‘factory’ look on road cars.

Make the most of your engine’s power.

Shift gear too early and you not only miss out on the power at the top of the rev range but also drop to a lower engine speed that is below the optimum torque band making acceleration slower after the gear shift. Shift gear too late and you can hit the rev limiter or run the engine where the power is dropping off, wasting valuable tenths of seconds.

Perfectly timed shifts.

Trying to watch the vehicle’s rev counter to make these gear shifts takes your concentration away from the many other things you need to look at when driving. The Shift Light Sequential gives an unmissable visual indication preparing you with the green and yellow lights, then showing the gear shift point with the red light to allow you perfectly timed gear shifts, every time. Multiply these gained tenths of seconds per gear shift over an entire race, rally stage, sprint or hillclimb and you have found the difference between losing and winning.


Digital Set
Omex's acclaimed digital setting method using increment and decrement buttons and LEDs allows the user to set the shift light rpm in 100rpm steps. This does not rely on external information and so removes error due to tachometer and reading inaccuracies.

Connection and Controls
Ignition 12v
Coil negative
Shiftlight Module
Menu increment
Button press indicator
Button press indicator
Menu decrement
Size and weight
LED Module
2 metre Wires
Main Unit
Combined weight
What’s in the box?

Shift Light Sequential unit

Terminal, screw and spring washer for earth connection

‘T’ crimp connections for joining to existing wiring

Cable ties to route the wiring

User instructions manual

Nearly 15 years of shift light and rev limiter design and manufacture, and thousands of units being used all around the world are real proof of Omex’s design and build quality.

UK ISO9000 built

All Omex products are manufactured in the UK in an ISO9000 certified factory and are individually tested before sale, ensuring a consistently high quality product.


The unit is epoxy filled giving it extreme resistance to vibration, shock, and water, giving a long life even in the most demanding motorsport environments.

European Type Approved

The Omex product range has been tested in a government authorised test centre proving resilience to (and low transmission of) electromagnetic interference and also making it legal for road vehicles in the UK and Europe.

Rev Range
2Cyl 1,000rpm - 20,000rpm
4Cyl 1,000rpm - 20,000rpm
6cyl 1,000rpm - 12,000rpm
8cyl 1,000rpm - 10,000rpm


Can be triggered from any 0-12V engine speed trigger, typically the standard coil trigger wire or the standard tachometer trigger wire.

Adjustable in steps of 100rpm

Accurate to +/- 10rpm @ 6,000rpm

4 x 350mcd, 5mm



Part Number

Price ex VAT

Price inc VAT

Shiftlight Sequential





Factory support is available from our team of engineers by telephone or email. Visit the support page for contact details and copies of the instruction manuals.

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