Map axes

The engine load and engine speed sites can be set where ever needed giving you maximum resolution at the points where the engine has the greatest changes in ignition requirements to ensure smooth transition through these areas.

Changing values

Values can be changed either by keyboard (online or offline operation) or with a ‘potbox’ (online only).

The potbox is a handheld device that allows you to adjust values by turning a dial. They can be used on all our ECUs and so have 4 adjusters to allow for different functions in our more complex ECUs, but on the 200 ECU all you need to adjust is ignition timing. For those who are used to this type of control but do not want to invest in the hardware, a ‘virtual potbox’ can be accessed on the PC.

Writing calibrations

Omex will on request email a suitable startup calibration, free of charge. More experienced users however may already have a suitable calibration from earlier work but also know for example that the engine they have is using a different sensor they have in another calibration. The powerful ‘file compare’ function in MAP4000 allows you to make comparisons between files and copy across the parts you want. This also works between different ECU types so you can copy tables from a 600 calibration into a 200 calibration.

Working with the ECU

We have just one software version to work with all of our ECUs past and present. When you connect to an ECU the software automatically recognises which ECU it is, allows you to send only suitable calibrations and brings up only the options and tables associated with that ECU. Calibrations can be accessed either online (connected to an ECU) or offline (not connected to the ECU), and all options, tables and maps are adjustable in both of these modes. So you can make adjustments when connected live to a running engine or can make adjustments from your experience when offline then send the new calibration at a later date. When you are connected to an ECU, the ECU is always the master; any changes you make on the PC immediately occur in the ECU. If your computer battery runs out or the communications lead falls out etc, all the work is still safely stored on the ECU

Changing values on the keyboard allows anything from entering a single number through to full maths functions, and you can change the active site or any other sites of any tables or maps whilst still running the engine. Multiple sites can be highlighted and all changed together with simple increase and decrease commands or percentage changes. Straight line calculations can be automatically made between sites or even rows or columns to speed-up the mapping process. Colours in the maps and tables change to allow you to instantly see which sites have been mapped, which have been calculated, and which remain unchanged. If you are still unsure of exactly what changes you have made, you can ‘view session changes’ and the map will show what changes have been made in that session rather than the absolute values.

Seeing a trend in a graph is often a fast way of mapping by allowing you to make sure the ignition is somewhere close before you even get to running the engine in those conditions. It also allows you to easily pick out any sites you may have missed. Our graphical views can also allow editing so you can make changes directly on this view. The 3 dimensional maps also allow you to twist them round and zoom in on any particular areas of interest so you can always get the perfect view of what is going on.

Download Now

And the very best thing about the Omex software is it is free for anyone to use. Nothing is locked away from you, no codes are required, and you have full access to everything in the ECU that we have. Download from our support page, install on your Windows PC, and start mapping now...

Map4000 & Data2000

“An ECU is only as good as the person who mapped it” is often heard by the tech support team at Omex, so our MAP4000 software is designed to make the mapping as easy a job as possible so you can get on and tune the engine rather than fight with software. And our software is free access so anyone can learn to use Omex ECUs.

Everybody has their own preferred way of mapping so the MAP4000 software features every way of mapping possible so you can work in the way that suits you. Do you like tables of numbers or graphical views? All tables and maps can be viewed and edited in either format. Do you like using the keyboard or using a potbox? We have both, and even have a ‘virtual potbox’ if you like using potboxes but don’t have one of ours yet!

Preset screens to cover different aspects of mapping such as sensor checking, idle etc allow you to get everything you need for the task in just one mouse click, but should you want anything else you can add to these screens or remove the parts you don’t need and even save them as your own versions to use again.


There are hundreds of live parameters available to you. Everything the ECU reads, calculates and outputs can be seen in MAP4000. However, sometimes things happen just too fast for you to be able to see exactly what is going on when trying to read several numbers all at once. To overcome this, we can record onto the PC’s hard drive any of the live parameters and record many at the same time so you can analyse what was happening afterwards at your own pace. The DATA2000 software allows you to view the recorded parameters in bar charts, max and min values, scatter graphs and most usefully line graphs with multiple overlays and zooming functions. And if you are struggling to analyse the data yourself, the data file you have recorded can be emailed to Omex so we can see what is happening in your ECU.

Download Software