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30th October 2013  
GM LS3 powered TVR wins Castle Combe GT 2013 Championship

Congratulations to PowerCrazy Motorsport and Perry Waddams on winning their class in the Castle Combe GT Championship 2013. This TVR has been fitted with a Chevrolet LS3 engine controlled by an Omex 710 ECU.

15th November 2012  
Retroford car featured on Motors TV

Retro Ford Magazine’s editor, Ben Morley’s ‘Project Goldmember’ Mk2 Escort is the feature of a road trip video diary to be shown on Motors TV. The Escort, used mainly for drift competitions, is powered by a Cosworth YB turbo and controlled by an Omex 600 ECU mapped by www.atspeedracing.co.uk.

6th February 2013  
Morgan Plus 4 Baby Doll Special Edition Released

On Saturday, Morgan's latest special edition was shown for the first time, the "Plus 4 Baby Doll VI"; a modern version of the original Baby Doll cars that were raced successfully in the early 1960's in the USA. The new Baby Doll VI features an Omex-built 250bhp 2.0 Duratec engine which utilises the 'tapered' throttle bodies as found in the Duratec kits on this website, and an OEM version of the 600 ECU.

This car has been well received with the first batch of 10 cars already sold! Contact Morgan or one of their dealers to register your interest. http://www.morgan-motor.co.uk/mmc/babydoll.html

10th January 2013  
Forge Motorsport Berg Cup Mk1 Golf

Forge Motorsport’s latest project is unveiled this weekend at the Autosport International Show UK. This Berg Cup inspired car is powered by a 20v turbo engine and controlled by an Omex 710 ECU. Find it on stand 8230.

13th February 2013  
Forge Motorsport Golf Goes Worldwide

Forge Motorsport’s Berg Cup Mk1 Golf is gaining worldwide fame with magazine cover features this month in both “Performance VW Magazine” in the UK and “Option Magazine” in Japan.

5th April 2013  
Westfield Mega S2000

Westfield Sportscars latest offering, the Mega S2000, uses Honda’s legendary 2litre VTEC S2000 engine controlled by Omex electronics. The April issue of Complete Kitcar Magazine rates this as “Westfield’s best car… EVER!”. For the full review, find where to purchase the magazine by clicking on the magazine image below.

30th October 2013  
Speedhunters - Forge Motorsport  Berg Cup Mk1 Golf

Continued coverage of the Forge Motorsport Golf, this time from the Speedhunters website with some great photography. Click the pictures below to link to the Speedhunters page.

30th October 2013  
Streetracers FWD drag Civic

The Civic uses a B16 engine, but turbocharged, with an Omex 710 ECU controlling it. Click on the images below to link to the Streetracers page and watch a 9.5second run at Santa Pod.

24th February 2014  
New Engine Management Software - MAP4000

MAP4000, the latest mapping software from Omex, is now available for download on the support page . Mapping an engine is now easier than ever and should you need any help, new features allow Omex’s support team to help you even quicker. MAP4000 is backwardly compatible with all Omex ECUs and so completely replaces all earlier versions of software.


Instruction manuals for all current ECUs have been updated to allow for the latest mapping software, MAP4000. Download the latest versions from the support page .

24th February 2014  
New Engine Management Software - MAP4000
Autosport International 2015

Thank you to everybody who visited the Omex stand at Autosport this year, another busy year with lots of interest in Omex products! And thank you to all those who displayed cars featuring Omex parts, a small selection of which are shown below.

16th January 2015  

More car information to follow.

Autosport International 2015

BriSCA F2 announced at Autosport International 2015 their change from the Ford Pinto engine to the Ford Zetec engine. BriSCA F2 is Europe's largest single seater championship with over 500 drivers and over 200 race meeting per year. Omex provide the championship regulation ignition system and wiring harness. World Champion George MacMillan was at Autosport International displaying his new 2015 season car with the Zetec engine package fitted. www.briscaf2.com

30th January 2015  
8th April 2015  
Individual Throttle Bodies
By Omex Technology

Individual Throttle Bodies designed and manufactured in the UK by Omex. Years of thought from one of the most experienced design teams in the industry has led to this, the ultimate general-purpose throttle body. Fitting in place of the ubiquitous DCOE, these can be fitted to nearly any engine. What makes them the best? Learn more

Retro Cars Feature

Omex support technician Guy Higgs has been busy proving that not only can he talk about ECUs and vehicle installations, he can actually do it too, by building a BMW E30 powered by a 3.2 M3 engine (and of course, an Omex 710 ECU!). His car is featured is in this month’s Retro Cars magazine. Available in the shops now or download online. www.retrocarsmag.com

28th February 2015  
Throttle Bodies
1st February 2011  
New Ford Zetec 2.0l (Focus) Engine Packages Information Sheet

Information for the ‘turn-key’ engine packages has been completely renewed, giving you 28 pages on the Zetec range alone to answer all the questions you may have about these packages. A comprehensive selection of upgrade options and all prices are included. Click the above page link to go to the engines page.

1st February 2011  
Throttle Body Kit Information Sheets

The popular ‘Throttle Body and Engine Management’ kits have been redesigned with much more information available to help you choose the best system for your vehicle. Information brochures, including prices, are now available. Click the above page link to take you straight there.

22nd March 2011  
ECU Mounting Trays

Spoox Components mounting trays for the 200 and 600 Series ECU's. Available in both aluminium and in autoclaved carbon fibre, only from www.spoox.co.uk. On the website select either ‘aluminium products’ or ‘carbon products’.

6th April 2011  
27 litre V12 on TV

Charlie Broomfield’s Omex 710 powered 27 litre V12 Rolls Royce Meteor was on the Channel 5’s UK motoring television show ‘Fifth Gear’ on Friday 1st April filming a high speed run where it achieved 160mph. The video from this is available on the Fifth Gear website at the links above. Speaking to Charlie afterwards it seems he had no difficulty getting to 160mph, but stopping it from those speeds was more of a problem! More details of this amazing machine can be found here: Page Link.

21st April 2011  
ECU Mapping Feature

In this month’s edition of Performance French Car Magazine is part 1 of a multi-part article about mapping ECUs. This excellent, in-depth technical article was written by Colin Thorndyke from Omex dealer Atspeed Racing and covers the process of mapping an engine, using his own turbocharged engine on a 600 ECU as the case study. This article is a must for anybody interested in what experienced tuners are doing when running your car on a rolling road.

4th May 2011  
LS3 Supercharged Magazine Feature

The May/June 2011 edition of TKC Magazine headline feature is AK Sportscar’s demonstrator car, a Cobra replica fitted with a GM LS3 and supercharger producing 600bhp, of course all controlled by an Omex 710 ECU. Click the images below (external links) for more details;

9th May 2011  
LS3 single throttle and ECU kit  

A new kit to control the latest GM / Chevrolet LS3 is now available. A specially designed cable operated throttle plate with a progressive action, an Omex 710 ECU, and a purpose built harness, giving a package suitable for both road cars requiring MOT / SVA emissions and modified race engines where you need easy map access.

Full details of the kit, including all prices, are available in a new 5 page brochure in the ‘inlet systems’ section of this website. Click the images above or below to take you straight there.

Throttle Body & ECU Kits Throttle Body & ECU Kits
30th May 2011  
Peter Morgan Memorial Race Meeting

To celebrate 60 years since the introduction of the 2088cc Morgan Plus 4 car, Aero Racing have released a new limited edition Plus 4 Super Sports. The new Plus Super Sports runs an Omex developed drivetrain using the Mazda variable valve timing version of the Ford Duratec, individual throttle bodies, and an Omex ECU. This car had its first outing at Donnington Park and was a huge success where the pre-production prototype of the limited edition run of 60 cars proved itself with two outright wins and a class win in its first three races. For more information about this car, visit the Aero Racing website by clicking the image below.


Continuing Omex’s association with Codemaster racing games, Omex are proud to be included in the latest DiRT3 off road racing game. This game has received widespread praise for its slick graphics, smooth handling, and its addition of a ‘Gymkhana’ mode for Ken Block wannabes! For more information on the game, go to the official site www.dirt3game.com by clicking on the images below.

13th June 2011  
16th September 2011  
Example installation - Peugeot 106 Gti Turbo Video

A new video in the ‘Example Installations’ section of the website shows Atspeed Racing’s 430bhp 106 turbo with Omex 600 Series ECU in action around Silverstone. Click below to go straight to this page then select ‘Peugeot | 106’.

Example Installations
3rd October 2011  
Example installation - Ford Cosworth YB Turbo Video

9.7 second standing ¼ mile in Streetracer’s 650bhp Ford Escort. Click below to go straight to the ‘Example Installations’ page then select ‘Ford | Cosworth YB’ to watch the video.

Example Installations
6th January 2012  
New Wiring Harnesses

The ECU wiring harness range has been improved for 2012. Please see the ECU pages for details of the new range. Click images below, then go to ‘Wiring Options’ to read more.

200 Series ECU
600 Series ECU
710 Series ECU
200 Series ECU 600 Series ECU 710 Series ECU
8th February 2012  
Rolls-Royce Meteor Example Installation Update

Click below for the latest update on Charlie Broomfield’s 27litre V12 Meteor and a video of a power run on the dyno. Click then select ‘Rolls Royce | Meteor V12 27litre’.

Example Installations
13th April 2012  
Pre-EFI engine Throttle Body and ECU conversion kit  

Want to convert your DCOE / DHLA and distributor engine to fuel injection and ECU controlled ignition? A new general-purpose kit for pre-EFI engines is now available.

Full details of the kit, including all prices, are available in a new 7 page brochure in the ‘inlet systems’ section of this website. Click the images above or below to take you straight there.

Throttle Body & ECU Kits Throttle Body & ECU Kits
25th May 2012  
Example installation - Spoox 106 S2 Rallye Sprint Car Video

A new video in the ‘Example Installations’ section of the website shows Spoox Motorsport 106 S2 Rallye sprint car with Omex 600 Series ECU in action at Mallory Park. Click below to go straight to this page then select ‘Peugeot | 106’.

Example Installations Engines Throttle Body & ECU Kits
Autosport International  14th-17th January 2016

Omex will be exhibiting at the Autosport International Show 2016, NEC, Birmingham, UK. Visit us on stand 8555.

14th-17th January 2016
Omex Technology - Stand 8555
January 2016  
12th January 2016  
30 Omex Manufactured Throttle Body Kits

30 throttle body kits have been added to the Omex product range making it easier to order your throttle body setup and adapted them to fit your application.

Throttle Body Kits