Induction Packages Support

Please email using the following format;


   Induction Packages Support



   Telephone number

   Where the parts were purchased from

   Date of purchase (approximate)

   Description of the assistance required


   If photographs are being sent, keep the number of images and the image resolution to a minimum

  If video is being sent please upload to a cloud storage location and send us the link. Do NOT send     the video file directly.

Telephone technical support is by appointment only. Our aim is to provide quality support to everyone who needs it, so we need to be as efficient as possible. If the support engineer believes that a telephone call will solve the problem in the fastest way then they will call you. Keeping support on emails where possible also makes it searchable and accessible for your future support. Our support engineers help tens of customers every day and could not possibly remember every telephone call, but they can easily search emails to find your previous support.

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