Hybrid Battery Isolator

The Armtech Hybrid Battery Isolator is an electromechanical replacement for the standard type master switch and offers a complete method of isolating the battery and protecting the alternator in one box with no external resistors or untidy wiring.

The Hybrid Battery Isolator consists of a heavy duty control box that is normally mounted close to the vehicle’s battery. Three remote switches (all supplied) control the unit; two cockpit   mounted (one ‘ON’ and one ‘OFF’) buttons are operated by the driver, and an external waterproof ‘OFF’ switch can be operated by the marshals in the event of an accident. Any number of additional switches can be added if required. An indicator light on the unit lights when the unit is armed, as does another attached to the driver operated ‘ON’ switch.

The switches are wired to the unit using low voltage and current cable (not supplied). In the event of an accident where any of the cables are severed the unit will automatically be turned off. A safety sticker sheet and full instructions are also supplied.

Black Box Dimensions 109x69x54mm

Overall Dimensions 156x69x62mm

Weight (approx)  700g

Temperature range -25°C to +85°C

Operating Voltage 9 -16V

Max Switching Current 1000A

Continuous Current 250A

Max Alternator Current 250A

Power Consumption 12W

Alternator protection circuit built into unit.

12 Volt negative earth only.

FIA Compliant

This unit is not for road use

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